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Spinal Reconstructive Surgery

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Institute of Spinal Disorders

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When you have a spinal deformity or spine condition that affects more than one level, you may need reconstructive surgery. Board-certified spine surgeon Robert Myles, MD, FAAOS, at the Institute of Spinal Disorders in Hurst and Fort Worth, Texas, specializes in reconstructive surgery. Schedule a consultation with this experienced, well-renowned surgeon by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Reconstructive Surgery Q & A

What is spinal reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is a type of complex spine surgery. Though surgical needs vary, this type of surgery usually involves correcting major portions of the spine.

Dr. Myles is a board-certified spine surgeon with more than three decades of experience. He has performed thousands of spine surgeries and specializes in reconstructive surgery. 

The Institute of Spinal Disorders also provides second opinions for patients with spine problems searching for answers.

Who needs reconstructive surgery?

Dr. Myles determines if you need reconstructive surgery after a comprehensive consultation that includes a physical exam and imaging tests. You may need reconstructive surgery if you have a spinal deformity or spine condition that involves large portions of your spine.

Conditions that might require reconstructive surgery include:

  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal deformities such as kyphosis or lordosis
  • Spinal misalignment that involves three or more levels of your spine
  • Revision of prior back surgery
  • Remote spine fractures

You may also benefit from reconstructive surgery if you have a spinal deformity because of degenerative changes to your spine, such as degenerative scoliosis. 

What happens during reconstructive surgery?

No reconstructive surgery is like another. Dr. Myles creates a personalized reconstructive surgical plan based on your diagnosis and surgical needs. He reviews the details of your plan during your pre-surgery visit.

Dr. Myles may perform various procedures during your reconstructive surgery.

How long is recovery following reconstructive surgery?

Recovery following reconstructive surgery varies. However, when possible, Dr. Myles performs minimally invasive surgery when correcting your spine condition to reduce your recovery time.

You may need to spend a few days at the hospital following your surgery. Dr. Myles refers you to the rehab and physical therapy specialists at the Institute of Spinal Disorders for your post-operative rehabilitation. 

Call the Institute of Spinal Disorders or schedule a consultation online today.