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Cauda equina syndrome (CES)


Loss of bowel and bladder control (incontinence) and numbness in the groin and saddle area of the pelvis, associated with weakness of the lower extremities. This condition can be caused by abnormal pressure on the bottom-most portion of the spinal canal and spinal nerve roots, related to either bony stenosis or a large, herniated disc. Diagnosis is made with MRI of the spine.

Treatment for cauda equina syndrome is spinal surgery of Laminectomy with discectomy vs a lumbar fusion.

Coccyx pain or fracture-Bottom most bone of the spine is called the coccyx or tailbone. This injury occurs when there is trauma after a fall directly onto your tailbone.  Diagnosis is made with x-ray.

Treatment for coccyx pain or fracture can consist of physical therapy, medication, coccyx steroid injection, or surgery for removal of the fractured bone.

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