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MLS Laser Treatment for Neck Pain



There are many treatment options out there for pain, but few are medication free treatments. MLS laser is new medical technology that helps the body heal the natural way.  Some of us are looking for something different than western medicine and do not want to take medication for the rest of our life.  Instead of medication or surgery, we are looking for alternative, natural treatment for our pain.   After trying complementary medicine, integrative medicine, holistic medicine, home remedies, or natural medicine with no improvement, the MLS laser is your next best option for pain relief. 


I am sure you have heard of lasers that get rid of hair or help with your skin.  But did you know that there is a new treatment that heals your pain using light?  MLS laser treatment for pain helps the body heal on its own without the side effects of medications.  Inflammation is treated by stimulating cells to start the healing process. You can say it is a “healthier alternative to healing”.  After home remedies like heat and ice, MLS laser is a safe and effective way to treat pain without the side-affects associated with medications.


MLS laser treats so many common causes of pain:

back pain
neck pain
hip or knee pain
plantar fasciitis
heel pain
shoulder pain
post-surgical pain
TMJ Dysfunction
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Chronic non-healing wounds
Sprain or strains


You may ask how many treatments will I need?   Acute conditions can take just one treatment, while more chronic condition may be managed with weekly treatments.  The number and frequency depend on the type of condition being treated, but the normal number of treatments is 2 to 10.  Studies have shown that approximately 10 treatments are optimal for chronic pain conditions.


Top 11 Reasons to Try MLS Laser Therapy

1. Speed up recovery from injury or exercise through anti-inflammatory affect. The anti-inflammatory effect decreases the swelling through the vascular system and activates the lymphatic drainage system which reduces swelling.

2. Relieve pain by blocking pain transmitted by the nerve cells to the brain.

3. Repair your muscles and tendons. When the MLS laser light contacts tissue, it speeds up cellular reproduction and growth of stem cells. This helps injured tissue heal faster.

4. MLS increases wound healing wound. MLS laser light increases the formation of new blood vessels in damaged tissue. The MLS laser helps speed up the healing process after surgery regarding wound healing and scar formation.

5. MLS laser increases the blood cell’s efficiency by increasing oxygen metabolism.

6. MLS laser stimulates healing of the injured muscles and reduces pain.

7. MLS laser helps neuropathic nerves heel and decrease his neuropathy pain.

8. MLS laser stimulates the immune system.

9. MLS laser promotes faster wound healing after surgery.

10. No side affects

11. MLS laser can be used on all ages

The MLS laser is the best technology to improve your pain, mobility and quality of life in a natural way without the side affects of medication. MLS laser technology has been used on athletes for years.  Now we are bringing in the technology to the forefront so everybody can use this all-natural healing technology for themselves.  We have treated hundreds of patients with this natural healing method, let us help you too, by requesting an appointment today.


Testimonial by DM

I personally have suffered from rib pain from costochondritis for years.  I was taking medication everyday with no relief of my pain.  Unable to sleep on my side or get comfortable in bed, my pain gets worse with deep breaths or coughing.  The MLS laser resolved my pain with just a few treatments.  Getting regular laser treatment helps when the inflammation returns.


Dovie McVean, MS, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant, Orthopedic Surgery & Nutritionist

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